2. This man is like a cat. Wow.

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    This is disgusting. Ew ew ew don’t want to eat at Mcdonalds ever again

    If your looking for a way to stop eating fast food. Watch this.

    That’s absolutely repulsive. What the hell is in their food!?

    Absolutely disgusting.

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    This is great for anyone who wants a tight butt. Pair with donkey kicks for more results.

    an even more effective variation of this is do the donkey kick, bring it in, do a hydrant, then do another donkey kick and so on….super effective!

    Click HERE and follow for more Fitness Gifs 4 U everyday.

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    Below are some helpful resources and meal ideas that don’t break the rules. Also, it is important to know when serving yourself “real food” you don’t need to eat as much as you would of the processed stuff! Get ready to fill up fast.

    Click on the category you would like to view:

    “Real Food” Meal Plans

    All plans include breakfast, lunch, and dinner suggestions for a family of four plus corresponding grocery lists with pricing:

    1. “Real Food” Meal Plans 1 & 2
    2. “Real Food” Meal Plan 3
    3. Summer “Real Food” Meal Plan 4
    4. Fall “Real Food” Meal Plan 5

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    1. Homemade granola cereal (pictured) with milk and berries
    2. Scrambled or fried eggs with whole-wheat toast1, butter, jelly2, and fresh fruit
    3. Whole-wheat banana (or berry) pancakestopped with 100% pure maple syrup
    4. Plain oatmeal (follow directions on package) topped with a dash of honey, cinnamon and raisins or other dried fruit
    5. Pecan maple breakfast cookies with a hard boiled egg and a banana
    6. Whole-wheat crepes with a side of fresh fruit and a maple mocha
    7. Store-bought plain Shredded Wheat cereal with milk and fruit
    8. Whole-wheat muffins (pictured above) with a side of plain yogurt mixed with berry sauce and topped with homemade granola cereal
    9. Egg omelet, bacon from the farmer’s market, whole-wheat popovers with butter and jelly2, and fresh fruit
    10. Whole-wheat banana bread orwhole-wheat cinnamon raisin bread topped with cream cheese and a fruit smoothie or on the side
    11. PB&J Smoothie (pictured in smoothie pop holders) and whole-wheat biscuit
    12. Whole-wheat waffles with applesauce
    13. Fried Matzo Breakfast with a seasonal fruit kabob
    14. Whole-wheat french toast with a fruit smoothie
    15. Breakfast Casserole Bites with fresh fruit on the side

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    1. Peanut butter and jelly2 on whole-wheat bread1, sliced fresh fruit, and crackers3
    2. Whole-wheat tortilla filled withhummus, cheese and optional veggie (spinach, cucumber, carrot, lettuce or tomato), side of fresh fruit and store-bought whole-wheat pretzels4
    3. Grilled cheese on whole-wheat bread1applesauce, and popcorn
    4. Caprese salad with basil pesto orgrilled caprese salad sandwich(pictured)
    5. Whole-wheat macaroni and cheesewith frozen peas mixed in and a side of fresh fruit
    6. Fruit smoothie or PB&J Smoothie(pictured above)
    7. Whole-wheat tortilla filled with chopped cucumber, tomato, feta cheese and sprinkled with dried dill or leftover grilled veggies and goat cheese
    8. Whole-wheat cinnamon raisin bread and cream cheese sandwich, strawberries, and a hard boiled egg
    9. Crackers3 with hummus, grapes, cheese, and celery or carrots
    10. A big salad topped with nuts, cheese and olive oil/balsamic vinegar for dressing
    11. Grilled pimento cheese sandwichwith whole-wheat pasta salad and fresh fruit on the side
    12. Diced avocado and brown rice with a little bit of low-sodium soy sauce
    13. Whole-wheat waffle sandwich with cream cheese, cinnamon and raisins in the middle (pictured) with a side of seasonal fruit
    14. Whole-wheat tortilla filled witheasy slow cooker refried beans, melted Monterrey Jack cheese, and sour cream with a side of avocado
    15. Leftovers from any of the dinners below!

    For portable school, picnic or work lunch ideas check out the posts in the “school lunches” category.

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    Snacks and Appetizers:

    1. Whole-wheat banana bread
    2. Dried fruit (make sure there is no added sugar) and nuts
    3. Fresh fruit (make them into kabobs for kids)
    4. Popcorn
    5. Pumpkin or sunflower seeds
    6. Homemade granola bars or store-bought “Lara Bars” with 5 or less ingredients
    7. Olives, crackers3, and cheese
    8. Whole-wheat muffins
    9. Celery topped with peanut butter or cream cheese and raisins (ants on a log)
    10. Hard boiled egg
    11. Whole-wheat cinnamon raisin bread
    12. Plain yogurt mixed with berry sauce
    13. Pecan maple breakfast cookies
    14. Crackers3 topped with hummus
    15. Powerballs
    16. Whole-wheat zucchini bread or muffins (pictured)
    17. Whole-wheat pumpkin bread or muffins
    18. Easy cheesy crackers
    19. Whole-wheat popovers
    20. Virgin pina colada smoothie
    21. Sliced raw veggies with a tzatziki dipping sauce
    22. Peanut butter banana smoothie
    23. Zucchini chips

    Read more on snacks by clicking on the “snack for kids (and adults!)” category.

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    Salads and Soups:

    1. Caprese salad with basil pesto
    2. Salad with a twist (including glazed nuts)
    3. Tomato, corn and black bean salad
    4. Cobb salad with blue cheese dressing
    5. Lime-cilantro quinoa salad
    6. White gazpacho (cold soup)
    7. Tomato bisque (good with grilled cheese on whole wheat bread1)
    8. Taco salad (pictured)
    9. Peanut squash soup
    10. Tortilla soup (good with cheese quesadillas)
    11. Butternut squash soup with buttered whole-wheat toast on the side
    12. Easy split pea soup topped with chopped bacon and a side of whole-wheat biscuits
    13. Homemade chicken noodle soup (pictured)
    14. Whole-wheat pasta salad

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    1. Farmer’s market stir fry (with veggies and/or seafood or local meat)
    2. Quiche with a whole-wheat crust(if using meat make sure it is local) and a side of veggies
    3. Premade store-bought dinner option: sushi with brown rice (no deep fried ingredients or sugar/HFCS)
    4. Whole-wheat pizza (pictured) with a salad or veggies on the side
    5. Whole-wheat macaroni and cheese with a side of veggies
    6. Grilled or sauteed fish withvegetable pancakes, and potato skins
    7. Breakfast for dinner…pick from one of the egg choices above
    8. Homemade chicken nuggets with a side of sweet potatoes and apples
    9. Vegetable and/or local meat (such as chicken, sausage or beef) kabobs over brown rice
    10. Fajitas with homemade whole-wheat tortillas
    11. Homemade spaghetti sauce over store-bought whole-wheat pasta
    12. Collard greens, potatoes, and whole-wheat buttermilk cheese biscuits
    13. Veggie burgers and kale chips
    14. BLT with (or without) crabmeat and corn on the cob
    15. Homemade butternut squash ravioli with roasted asparagus
    16. Chicken enchiladas made with homemade whole-grain corn tortillas and steamed veggies on the side
    17. Jambalaya with brown rice
    18. The best whole chicken in a crock pot with zucchini chips (pictured) and wild rice
    19. Homemade sushi with brown rice
    20. Almond encrusted fish with an easy beurre blanc sauce and a side of asparagus and baked potatoes
    21. Whole-wheat spaghetti and meatballs with a side of roasted broccoli (sprinkled with whole-wheat bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning)
    22. Vegetable quesadillas on whole-wheat tortillas with a side of easy slow cooker refried beans
    23. Pork carnitas tacos with tomatillo salsa (pictured) and a side of watermelon
    24. Whole-wheat pizza pockets with sauteed seasonal vegetables on the side
    25. Whole-wheat fettucini alfredotopped with sauteed onions, mushrooms and bell peppers
    26. Simple spaghetti with a salad on the side

    For a cookout, backyard BBQ, outdoor party, picnic, or camping trip check out this post:A “Real Food” Cookout.

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    Basic Recipes:

    1. Whole-wheat tortillas
    2. Whole-grain corn tortillas
    3. Chicken stock in the crock pot
    4. Chicken stock on the stove top
    5. Honey whole-wheat sandwich bread (for bread machine)
    6. Whole-wheat breadcrumbs
    7. Whole-wheat pasta (use the pasta portion of this ravioli recipe)
    8. Homemade berry sauce
    9. Easy cheesy whole-grain crackers
    10. Basic fruit smoothie
    11. Whole-wheat biscuits

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    1. Homemade popsicles, ice pops, snow cones and push ups(pictured)
    2. Powerballs
    3. Maple pecan ice cream
    4. Chocolate torte with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
    5. Banana ice cream
    6. Homemade peach sorbet
    7. Whole-wheat crepes filled with fruit and topped with chocolate sauce
    8. Chocolate mousse (fromDeliciously Organic)

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    Stocking a Real Food Kitchen

    1. My favorite kitchen essentials (including appliances and gadgets we own)
    2. 21 “Real food” essentials for freezer, pantry, & fridge
    3. Supermarket “real food” cheat sheet
    4. Where to buy real food
    5. Our pantry
    6. Our refrigerator
    7. Our freezer

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    Restaurant Options:

    Eating out tip: Most restaurants do not offer 100% whole-wheat (a lot of “wheat breads” are made with both whole-wheat and white flours) so it is best to just avoid things like bread, breading/breadcrumbs, crusts, flour tortillas, etc. It is also recommended to ask questions when it comes to sauces because a surprising amount contain sugar. It can be difficult to avoid refined grains and sweeteners when eating out so we usually try to focus on finding restaurants that serve locally grown/raised products. For more tips including specific meals you could order at some chain restaurants check out this post.

    1. Fish or shellfish
    2. Potatoes, beans, or brown rice
    3. Vegetable side dishes or combination plates
    4. Egg dishes
    5. Sushi with brown rice

    Read more on the specific restaurants where we like to eat in Charlotte.

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    General Resources and Information

    1. Understanding Grains (corn, wheat, multi-grain, etc.)
    2. What (should be) in your sandwich bread?
    3. How far does your produce travel?
    4. Buying organic or not
    5. Sweeteners 101
    6. “You are what you eat eats too”
    7. Milk – good or bad?
    8. High-fructose corn syrup 101
    9. The deal with corn
    10. Are you being fooled by the imitation?
    11. Becoming a “flexitarian” (meat consumption)
    12. (Not) Cleaning your plate
    13. Real Food and Children

    For more resources check out our list of “real food” mini-pledges.

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    General Strength exercises for runners. Part one includes the Pedestal Routine and the Myrtl routine. These two routines should be done following your running workout. The Myrtl routine gets its name because it focuses on your hip girdle. All the exercises in this routine either strengthen or help provide a greater range of motion in this area.

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